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Nebraska Post office NE 68154 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Nebraska Post office NE 68154 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Chad Sideris
In the last few weeks, the company I work for has visited with tall orders on two separate occasions. We were shipping out gifts to non-local staff across the country, trying to save money using ground shipping (not offered online). This meant coming in with tons of boxes and running them through the regular line, which understandably made business as usual more difficult.The staff there has been extremely fast, patient and flexible on both occasions. I really appreciate their willingness to jump in to make our lives easier. I personally worked with Paul and he did a wonderful job. I know the other two people we have worked with were equally helpful!.

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Address: 139 S 144th St, Omaha, NE 68154, United States


Wednesday 8AM–5:30PM
Thursday 8AM–5:30PM
Friday 8AM–5:30PM
Saturday 9:30AM–3PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 8AM–5:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Nebraska Post office NE 68154 Reviews

Xxx (XXX)
i was standing in the entry way grabbing a bag to ship something at 5:26. the lady looked at me and locked the doors in my face! i couldn’t believe how rude! they close at 5:30! shame on you how disrespectful.

Adam Wiblishouser
Awful service. The 800 number is worthless, told me to contact my local post office. They no longer have local telephone numbers apparently because CO-V-ID made it too hard for them to answer the telephone.Anyways they changed the lock on my residential mailbox that Ive had for 10 years. I think they just decided to give it to someone else. Let’s see how much of my day is wasted today getting this resolved. Thanks USPS!.

Taylor Stewart
Absolute awful service. I had one simple question. The first person I spoke to moved me to the side of the line to have me speak with a supervisor. I waited 20 minutes for the supervisor to arrive and that never happened. Also, The first person I spoke to didnt try paging his supervisor again. Way to make you customers feel valued 👌.

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