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To provide surveillance on a personal "secure facility

Despite the financial crisis, demand for video surveillancecell spyware solutions are not falling. The reason is simple: such a system is often cheaper than a guard, and in case of legal actions can not only find the criminals, but also provide evidence that may well be used in court. In addition, the installation of cameras with remote access in an apartment or small office can give a clear picture of what your children or employees during your absence.
But the choice of CCTV systems are not so simple. On the Internet you can find a huge amount of information about IP-cameras, digital recorders, and recorders, control panels and even the "integrated security systems." Typically, this information is very sketchy and normal users who need to provide surveillance on a personal "secure facility" (in an apartment, cottage or garage) is likely to quickly get confused. In addition, thematic forums are full of debate about the pros and cons of analog and IP-based cameras - to understand this is often quite simply impossible. And most of these data is not enough to make the right choice. We also consider the advantages and disadvantages of such systems step by step and proposed a method of choice, which can be used to assess most of the existing equipment on the market. We note immediately that we consider only those decisions that are not very experienced user will be able to cope by himself or with minimal help.The main criterion for any user in selecting CCTV - a reasonable value for money. So the first step - to determine the scale of the system. The simplest monitoring system or parking area in front of the house contain only a couple of cameras, video switcher, monitor and VCR. We can confine ourselves and a pair of cameras with a monitor - if you do not need an entry - or cameras are connected directly to your computer if it is possible to record all data on your hard drive.Video system is always better personal observation or guardian.The second point - it is desirable to have at least a rough idea about the complex work that will be required to create a security system. The easiest option - to hang the camera in front of the door on the balcony (if you live on the first or the last floor) and to Ethernet-cable from them to your computer. By the way, according to the domestic security structures, many private users connect wireless solutions - it's faster, but certainly not cheaper. And the most effective option includes a survey of apartment or house for identifying pathways and the overlap of their cameras without any dead zones.Cameras, in fact, quite small, and quite possible to install it yourself.After the primary modeling system can be rough estimate of its value. This will help ordinary calculator and a simple formula for safety. We summarize the cost of the required number of cameras (fixed or rotary), data recording (ideal - with the ability to search by time), a monitor or computer for viewing images and video archive (using a PC is usually cheaper), as well as supplementary materials (fasteners, cables , food, camouflage). This amount is added the cost of installation - if not their own, then approximately 25-30% of equipment costs.It is necessary to decide, and so whether it makes sense to mount the remote video viewing and remote control - it allows you to connect to your miniature system via the Internet.Arrangements for monitoring.At present the equipment for video surveillance in the Russian market supplying more than a dozen companies with a significant position in the production of cameras of various types. From the outset, we define what we will consider only digital cameras, primary and secondary levels, which are quite suitable for indoor installation. Analog cameras we leave outside material - digital devices offer far greater flexibility at lower cost and better suited for the end user. By the way, all standalone camera, for example when writing to the SD-card, will also remain behind the scenes - too is a local solution without much possibility of a rapid response to a threatening situation.Most often found products from companies such as KT & C, Yoko, Sharp, Sunkwang, as well as Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Axis, D-Link. It's worth noting that the domestic market is very peculiar: there exists a huge variety of products, which often are "twin brothers", made at the same manufacturing process in China. That the vast majority of cells from the lower and middle price category.Miniature hull black and white camera to fit inside the premises.There are several categories of IP-based cameras for personal use. The simplest unit of the cameras - for black and white (from 950 rubles.) And color (from 2,1 thousand rubles).. Most appropriate for home use with simple installation, in our opinion - is in black and white and always corpus, that is completely ready for mounting the device. One of the key characteristics - it's sensitivity. Usually you specify a value in the suites where the camera would be good to "see." The highest quality samples can be operated at 0,03-0,05 LUX, which is about the moonless starry sky or a quarter of the moon - that is, in a dark doorway or in front of your door, where the lights are off, with the help of these cameras will monitor the situation in any time of day. Most model parameters are given in Table № 1.Note that the camera and indoor vary - mainly by the presence of a special casing and heated front glass, which ensures the normal functioning of the mechanism to minus 30 degrees. You can also use an infrared illuminator, the radiation is not seen by the human eye, but allows the camera to "see" in almost complete darkness. That is to look after his car parked on the external suspension is set just a street camera (cost of 2.3 thousand rubles).. By the way, if someone would try to convince you that your camcorder without any additional housing can be installed on the street - do not believe it, when Russian frosts, it quickly turn into a frozen piece of plastic.Black and white camera housings to accommodate the open air.The need for rotating mechanism for the cameras at home or in the office seems doubtful - it is better to spend the money to increase the number of cameras and, accordingly, viewed zones. Conventional cameras can be easily seen up to 5-6 meters distance from the point of installation, and weigh a bit on the size of a USB-stick.Typical model 4-channel DVR - ustrystva primary level.However, some cameras is not enough - they must be combined into a system that will receive and capture an image. There are two main options. First - for those with computer all the time or in the possession of only a laptop. They fit DVR - a separate device that is placed in a safe place and to which are connected cameras.Scheme of connection of devices using the DVR./.Although, as a rule, the DVR functions are more extensive - usually even the most basic four-channel devices are equipped with full-featured web server that allows you to view "live" video on a network computer from a standard browser window. Supplied with such devices software allows you to remotely phone spy software configure settings individually for each recording channel (resolution, speed, availability of audio soundtrack), to establish a timetable, the algorithms reaction to anxiety and update the internal software of the device.

Settings of such devices

More detail the default settings of such devices (in a minimal configuration) are shown in Table № 2.The typical cost of such a device - 5-8 thousand rubles. Most frequently in the Russian market can be found DVRs MicroDigital, BestDVR, Panda, CPCAM, SpyMax, Polyvision, Pelco, BestDVR, "Thrall", Panasonic, Acumen.With the help of special surveillance systems can monitor the signal from the surveillance cameras.Office of the DVR can be performed using the software manufacturer, and using third party software: the most famous names of note RAS +, VMS, Isnet etc. In general, their functionality is roughly similar, and largely depends on the capabilities of the hardware. With this software, you can simultaneously monitor up to 256 channels of video in real time and multiscreen mode. Also - there is a chance of retrospective motion search in a specific area of ​​the image, the preservation of critical fragments of video from a backup on a schedule, view videos for 2-4 monitors connected to one PC.The typical form of computer circuit boards for video capture information from IP-based cameras.The second option for data recording with IP-surveillance cameras - use a special card for video capture. The truth is, we recommend only if you are able to open the system unit of your computer, install the board, fix it, connect the camcorder to cope with the supplied software. To be honest, sometimes our Chinese comrades, who are the suppliers of such kits forget correctly translate all the menus and instructions in English (for Russian needless to say) language and then will only experience working with computers at the advanced user clubmz e-spy.Scheme to connect devices using a capture card.All functionality is approximately the same as in the DVR - the only difference that a separate monitor or TV you are no longer needed, these functions will execute the computer. With minimal configuration card can be viewed on a computer screen image with four cameras at once, to record images on a hard disk, record events on the schedule (timer). Also - to arrange viewing of recorded events, both on the local machine or remote via the Internet (although for this outbound channel in the network, you must have at least 128 kbit / s per camera). Standard features of these cards are listed in Table № 3.The typical cost of such hardware - 2-5 thousand rubles. depending on the equipment, the suppliers - Acumen, Trassir, DevLine, CNB Technology, VideoNet etc. There is a list of manufacturers and Russian companies. For example, Digital Security Systems Lab suggested that one of the first video capture card with hardware video compression. ITV has released a number of software products for construction on their basis of intelligent integrated security systems and CCTV.A variety of management software for video capture cards, of course, is great - such programs are much more than "imprisoned" for one or another DVR. And, for the organization of video surveillance systems up to 32 video channels software can be found even for free: the market there are solutions NVR, NetStation etc. In fact, the problem of such decisions - to organize a full-featured IP-Surveillance system that supports the viewing of live video as well as recording and playback of audio and video in MPEG-4 format. The most common functionality such decisions, but, in fact, view live video - it's support for hardware motion detection (if it exists in the cells), the registration of an alarm message or movement coming from the IP-based cameras and video servers, recording facts about the loss of video or disable IP- device (it may help to detect intruders). Particularly advanced software in the event of an alarm event can trigger activation of external devices connected to the alarm outputs of IP-based cameras and IP-Video Server: for example, include a siren, light or empty gas (but it is - exotics). By the way, everything in the event of an alarm program saves the video buffer in frames 30-90 seconds prior to the event.The main advantage of IP-based cameras - the possibility of quickly and with minimal effort "to drive" signal received from them in any data network to be sent over long distances. And for this it is not necessary to connect these cameras to wired communication channels (which are easy to trace and cut) - and there are options to transfer over the cellular network. Ideally, from anywhere the user with high-speed communication channel can get a "picture" of the premises where the camera is directed, in a mode online. And it requires only a set of subscriber equipment and power supply. And no wires.Packaged proposal "Wireless Video Surveillance System" from a company called Skylink.Remote video fits anywhere where there is no fixed data channels or are expensive to use. For example, such solutions are very popular with owners of country houses - the camera, placed on high poles, can look after a team of workers, distributing from time to time "control kicks" on the phone. Such products have been around for more than three years. At present, perhaps even organize broadcast video directly to your mobile phone.However, only those operators who have confidence in the quality of its mobile network, go to market with a "box" suggestions. One of the first was a company "Sky Link" - is now in the metropolitan area it provides, "A wireless video surveillance system." Complete - Camera and CCTV Smart Vision, charger and user manual. For surveillance is required to connect to your camcorder modem AnyData ADU 500/510/520. Set price - 11 thousand rubles.A similar proposal is the capital and MegaFon, which includes tariff MMS Camera "and the device itself V900 with two remote control and user manual. The cost is a little less - about 6 thousand rubles. and no modem is not needed - it is already in the camera.All presets are usually made during the sale, so the user will only have to connect the camera spy on text messages and cable modem, or (in the case of the combined solutions) turn on the power and connect, if necessary, an external antenna. You can then type into your browser web-address to view the picture with his camera. To "picture" appeared on the cell phone, special java-application.