Lstening technology is installed remortely in the target cell phone

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The system of Reality

Three companies offer products that allow to increase the efficiency of interaction. They are designed for instantaneous processing of video messaging cell phone spyware, video conferencing for remote wireless and organizations operating in-house telephone meeting.The company demonstrated the system of Reality Fusion conferences TeamView Instant Video, which provides instant messaging and uploading videos in real time.Group videoconferencing TeamView can simultaneously broadcast up to six video clips. It is assumed that all participants have at their disposal Web-camera connected to a desktop computer, and means of sharing voice and video, as well as to applications that run on the machines at the conference. The system can simultaneously support up to 250 users, with each of them at any given time sees all six of his companions.Reality Fusion technology enables the processing of video at 150 frames per second (with the appropriate network bandwidth). The entire treatment is carried out on the client, rather than expensive central server, MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), usually used in video conferencing free cell phone spy software. To perform operations on the local station Reality Fusion experts have developed their own protocols, with the aid of which the coding and video transmission. Protocol TeamView GX Protocol is built into the client software for video conferencing are installed on each desktop.

Applications generated

Clients send video streams to the server TeamView, but he already forwards packets to other participants.Central server to the set of MCU ports open, which requires additional network resources, while the GX Protocol provides for the use of only one port that supports the protocol UDP or TCP. This is a port 443. In addition, the protocol cell phone spying software TeamView allows you to simultaneously view on a monitor with 17-inch to eight movies (two windows are generated by applications, and in six other shows videos, removable using Web-camera) without loss of clarity and without reducing the image to the size of a postage stamp.Meanwhile, the company Octave Communications has every chance to win customers for its video conferencing technology, which does not depend on the location of its participants, nor to be connected. Wireless operators, in which the ratio of successful calls made to their total number (Answer Seizure Ratio) is an average of 67%, the system Octave help offset their expenses.Products Octave Improv will create a list of groups that include n phone numbers and instant messaging IDs provided by the leading services, which include primarily AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ. Using the keypad or voice commands, users send a call to all members of the group. If the call does not go through the transition to the next phone number. In addition, the system Octave Improv able to send e-mails, pages and messages are SMS spy text messages, as well as to determine whether you have connected conference participants to network. If connected, the system sends him an instant request an invitation to join the conversation.The system connects to a private telephone network or any network with the IP, giving customers the ability to register and administer by means of Web.