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Satellite C line consists of devices

Recently, Toshiba has included a number of laptop manufacturers budget class.
minimal cost and functional, which are simple and practical. In our review, we will turn our attention to a new 15-inch model cell phone spyware Satellite C660, which replaced the first model of the budget line, C650, at the end of 2010.Satellite C660 model is identical in functionality mentioned models C650, but significantly different in hull design and detail design. Like its predecessor, this device is available on all three mobile platforms for low cost laptops - AMD Danube, Intel Montevina and Intel Calpella. Our test sample is based on the last one: a processor Pentium P6100, integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics, a modest amount of memory and hard drive, no pre-installed operating system - and very accessible, at the level of cheap laptops from other manufacturers, the price. For example, virtually the same money, asking for laptops obsolete platform, the data which we present in the general table.Unfortunately, in the cheapness of the user will have to pay functionality. This notebook is equipped with only two USB ports and no digital output HDMI. Not supported gigabit wired network, although the corresponding controller is a penny. But do not need a lot of users a web camera, card reader, two speakers, Bluetooth - are available. Actually Satellite C660 is antirekordsmenom among all current models, losing in functionality even netbooks.Externally Satellite C660 is similar to its predecessor, but on closer acquaintance becomes noticeable significant difference. The notebook hard-resistant frame, his bar is almost no flex (including base keyboard), the body does not "walk", resists twisting. Progress compared with the previous model are clear: the materials and to touch more expensive, and the frame is much stronger, and there are no cracks, scratches and other annoying artifacts and imperfections.The cover is equipped with a hard tight hinge, which securely holds it in closed position, the hinges allow the screen to tilt slightly larger than normal angle. Decorating the body also adjusts the working style: the outer part of the cover and interior panels have semi-matt texture and shallow grooves, the remaining surface, including the inside of the lid, made of rough plastic.The notebook is completely black, the only glossy part - insert with a webcam and outline the speakers. But while he was a little dirty from fingers, although, of course, the situation is not as catastrophic as with all glossy notebooks. In general, the design of Satellite C660, though modest, but thoughtful and balanced (although proprietary "rounded" style like Toshiba is not everything). It is also important that the laptop has the minimum weight for its class and slightly lower than many competitors, dimensions. Evaluation 9.Display and soundToshiba notebook equipped with the usual budget screen with a glossy finish. Manufacturer of the matrix could not be determined: the EDID code written TOS5091 (Toshiba), a common, apparently, for all matrices installed in laptops from this manufacturer.The screen is not pleased with a good margin of brightness, to the same rough its setting (only 7 steps) in some situations do not allow to put the most comfortable value. Modest viewing angles, contrast is extremely low, and color and gamma is clearly wrong (for example, red seems carrot). Of course, work with documents and the Internet without problems, for other tasks such a screen is hardly suitable. Score 4.The notebook is equipped with two speakers, located above the keyboard. Expect that they will be interesting sound, it would be naive. With a low margin volume, they provide a very squeezed, boomy sound, not condusive to playing music free cell spy software. Score 4.Toshiba is not in the style to save on input devices. Satellite C660 laptop keyboard has a traditional design for the manufacturer of the keys - they narrowed in width and have side bevels. Visually, it is unusual for those who print do not blindly, but partly resolves the problem of grazing of adjacent keys (whose surface is completely flat).

Noticeable characteristic

The mechanism of the keyboard markedly taut, with a deep stroke (2,2 mm), and springy backing noticeable metallic thud. Noticeable cell phone spy software download characteristic of some Toshiba notebooks defect - a slight bending of the field in the center of the keyboard.The layout is not as clearly distinguishable from the implied standard as in previous models of this producer, but it has several features, such as a narrow vertical Enter, shifted down field Numpad, increased key Del, a small gap, etc. But most of all inconveniences deliver unobtrusive icons "hot" combinations assigned to the same than conventional keys. In general, the keyboard work nicely (especially those who are accustomed to rigidity and a stable position keys), but some things spoil the experience. Score 7.In the budget model Toshiba - normal touchpad Synaptics, wide enough for the gritty to the touch. The fact that he is not sunk into the body, not a problem with random bursts, as the zone itself wrist this notebook is noticeably smaller than other models, which makes positioning the wrist away from the touchpad. Categorically do not like loud clicking stiff keys with great depth move, but it's a matter of habit. Score 7.Here it is, the weakest point of the laptop Satellite C660. Manufacturer decided to save money on the layout of the motherboard by placing all ports in one corner - the left near to the user (a reader is installed under the front edge). As if this was supposed to connect a wired mouse - is unclear.The few connections - and these are two audio ports, two USB, power outlet and VGA - set very tightly, which can create some problems. Score 2.Since our sample Toshiba laptop has been built on a platform of Intel Calpella, his performance was noticeably higher than the budget laptops on the outdated platform, Intel Montevina.Judging by the test SYSMark 2007, professional problems, demanding a "clean" processor, the special advantages of the processor Pentium P6100, which does not support HyperTreading, does not provide. But in the tasks that operate on large data sets and actively multitasking using the laptop to a more modern platform was faster by 20-30%.Similar results were obtained, and tests the family PCMark, they only take into account also the performance of integrated graphics. Thus, we can conclude that the advantage of low cost laptops on modern hardware, essential for consumers who use them for professional woEstimated energy consumption, based on data obtained MobileMark 2007 test, the notebook Satellite C660 was quite high - more than 11 watts, although it is not equipped with a discrete graphics card or powerful CPU. On this parameter gives a Toshiba notebook models on the Intel platform the previous generation, and significantly - by at least 1 hour of battery life. This feature, however, is inherent in the specific model and does not cover all budget laptops on a similar platform.Why would a laptop without a discrete graphics card and a modern processor with low power to make a noise? He does not make noise, the fan for a long time dormant. Heating is fixed only at the touchpad cell phone listening for free - almost 40 °. The temperature of the remaining surfaces, both above and below (where a lot of ventilation holes), remains within the 32-35 ° (True, we did not test the laptop in 3D-games). Evaluation 9.Very ambiguous device has received from Toshiba. C on the one hand, it's a good make, and practical notebook, surpassing the level of imp