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phone spy tapping technology is remarkable technology

May 12, 2011 by cell tapping tool   Comments (0)

Great services

spyware for cell phones.How to determine the location of the caller by phone number? It is a matter of concern to many who have a cell phone and out into the vastness of the World Wide Web. On the Internet there are services that track mobile phones using GSM technology and GPS, and the service provides its services free of charge. You enter a phone number in a special form and the system finds itself on the map user. With an increase in terms of finding the owner of the phone are displayed naked man and woman in the bathroom. Next, a message appears saying that it is a joke.There are also paid services. Here you offer to send SMS to short code to receive a special code. Cost of SMS as they say small - 6-10 rubles. But actually removed from the account are not such amounts - from 170 - 300 rubles. Here, I think so, not for jokes, and you understand all of this fraud, pure water.Cellular communication is so arranged that the whole territory is divided into cells (cells) in which using special transceivers (transponders) provides a continuous connection. The distance between repeaters depends on the geographic location of the transponder (town, village). Each repeater has its own capacity, ie the number of simultaneous phone. Naturally in capacity repeater will be higher than in rural areas. Since the subscriber has the ability to move, the network once it tracks the movement and switches the subscriber from one repeater to another. Each included a cell phone repeater periodically reminds its presence even when you do not talk.Determine the location of the caller by phone number, in principle, impossible. Such services offer mobile operators themselves. With a finely tuned instrument cellular operator, it can be up to several tens of meters to determine the location of the mobile phone. For this method of direction finding, determining the direction to the transmitter of several (usually three) points and giving the notch location of the source signals.Computer operator, even in standby mode, the phone constantly registers a place where the telephone. Repeater continuously emits a long, non-recurring, digital signal - the standard free cell phone spy. Mobile phone him constantly and regularly takes a small slice of his re-emits. Repeater compares the signal with the reference, and calculates the time delay and it determines where your phone and therefore you did. Also the phone is turned on and periodically during the operation makes the location update (request for the location), resulting in the operator have about the information in the form of cell numbers on where the phone was a while ago. The more often your phone to make calls, the more accurate will this information. The accuracy of location depends on many factors: the topography, the presence of interference, the number of buildings and all the possible objects that can reflect radio signals, the size of the cell, the number of phones that work in this cell, the location of base stations.

Security of the subscribers

In analyzing the data received on the computers of the operator can pinpoint the exact location of the caller and determine all movement mobile spy software of the subscriber to specific days or hours. All this is stored in a dynamic database containing information on mobile stations in their areas, and displays information about subscribers and the position of their mobile stations.In Russia, such information is not available to private individuals for security of the subscribers. This is possible only with the prior consent of the owner. In foreign countries, have long used a system of mobile positioning. This is due to the fact that in 1996, calls the mole phones in the U.S. accounted for 25% of all calls to emergency services "911", and emergency calls from mobile phones reached 100 thousand calls a day. In most cases, callers just did not know his place of residence, and in some cases it was a matter of life and death. In this regard, mobile operators had to use a higher location accuracy than conventional landline phones.In conclusion I want to say that our mobile phone presents us with not only the convenience of communication cell phone listening device, but also a real threat, the threat that our personal lives can know someone else. By purchasing the phone, we attach to ourselves beacon capable of tracking our location, so I advise not to forget about it.