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make your nails popular

May 13, 2011 by ever5692   Comments (0)

make your nails popular
Let the nail craze get to you too as this trend has proven itself to be a must have for those who want to look hot and stylish. There are a myriad of fab nail art designs out there to choose from, so if you're looking for some amazing popular nail art designs, check out the following ones and inspire yourself for your next breathtaking manicure!
There are a myriad of cool nail art designs available to choose from, but that doesn't mean they all suit the new trends. Nail art designs have been increasing in popularity as it seems that nothing can top the beauty of fabulous nails, these small details being capable of completing any type of outfit and make the best of it. Because choosing right is never easy, we have put together some popular nail art designs for 2011 to inspire yourself from, just so yours nails can be admired by everyone.
From simple to sophisticated, these nail art designs look amazing and can suit casual to formal outfits. Adapting the nail polish hue to suit your skin tone is a must, so use only complementing nail polishes that also suit your outfit color perfectly. The following nail art designs are uber-popular and don't require too much skill to be created. With the proper tools and a little bit of practice you'll be able to create amazingly stylish nail art designs that will make your nails enviable.
Uv gel lamp will help you in your making up.
Glitter nail art designs
Glitter is fabulous and this summer it comes in a variety of vibrant colors which can enchant the eyes especially when light hits the nails, making them sparkle. Glitter can be used individually or combined with different hues, so glam-up your nails with your favorite glitter colors. Create a monochrome ombre nail art design, a glittery French tip nail art or mix the glitters randomly for a cool look. A clear top coat will boost the glossiness of the design enhancing it and making it look perfect.
Uv nail lamp is your good helper in your making up. Use a thin contouring nail art brush to trace out different lines on your nails if you want the design to look more sophisticated. Rhinestones as well can be a fabulous way to make the nails look much more spectacular and applying them is no philosophy: with a bit of nail glue you'll be able to make these rhinestones stick on as you desire. Nail products will make your hands more beautiful.
Handmade nail art
Handmade nail art designs have increased greatly in popularity since this technique has been developed due to the incredible designs that can be achieved.
Nail uv lamp is your good helper in your making up. From simple floral nail designs to sophisticated paintings on nails, the designs look amazing and can suit women with different personalities. To create these marvelous motifs, you'll need to invest in some nail art brushes and some acrylic paint which you'll then use to show your creativity. Seal the nail art design with a clear top coat and you'll look amazing. You can also add glitter and rhinestones to your trendy handmade nail art so it will look more glamorous.
Colorful French manicure
Women love French manicures, but that simple French nail art design can sometimes look boring. For this reason, you can spice things up a bit by opting for a cool and colorful French tip manicure. Apply your favorite color on the tip of your nails and keep the nail bed clear or sheer glittery for best results. To spice things up even more, you can trace out different fab lines in a contrasting color to make the design look much more sophisticated.
Gel uv lamp will help you in your making up. Go for floral designs, animal prints or abstract designs and you'll look fabulous.