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Mobile platform

Budget Android smartphone with all the advantages of this platform. With unimpressive design and free OS its price is seen as overpricedcell phone spyware.
Moving from Windows to Linux - the traditional theme, the caller immediately a fierce debate, and not always honest debate among both amateurs and advanced users of computers, as well as among professionals (developers, system administrators, IT chiefs and so on). As it is not surprising, but on mobile platforms is approximately the same situation. This, of course, is not talking about how to replace used Windows Mobile to Google Android on the same device (although such projects are already underway and if desired, discussion forums you can find the firmware, how to make such a home). So far, the range of issues on migration is limited, firstly, the transfer of user data from one device to another, and secondly, the transfer of working with Windows Mobile on Androidfree cell phone spy. By the latter we mean finding parallels between the regular application system from Microsoft and the fact that there is a standard package on the Android OS, as well as the discovery of analogues or substitutes for third-party applications that are released only under Windows Mobile.

Android OS has become the fastest growing operating system

Just note that the user, "transplanted" to the Windows Mobile-communicator cell phone spy software on the Android-device should update its "guglofon" to the last officially released to date version of the Android OS - Android OS 2.1 (we know of the existence of Android OS 2.2 and expect to release updates, but do not feel confident that they will be created shortly). Otherwise, all comparisons between Windows Mobile and younger versions of Google Android is meaningless - at the very beginning of its development path of development from Google was not perfect so that even in the WM version 6.1 gave her a head start, at least the next few years. The fact that the official Android OS 2.1 does not exist for all communicators in the market - the question is of another order cell phone listening.