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Post office Butte MT 59701 Phone Number Reviews

Post office Butte MT 59701 Phone Number Reviews

Jerry Sexton
Had a missing package. The staff did an excellent job of finding the package and putting it into my hands within a half hour. Outstanding!!!

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Address: 701 Dewey Blvd, Butte, MT 59701, United States


Wednesday 8:30AM–5:30PM
Thursday 8:30AM–5:30PM
Friday 8:30AM–5:30PM
Saturday 9AM–1PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–5:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Butte MT 59701 Reviews

CheezeIt 101
Glad i’m not the only one who has problems with the rudeness of the workers here. Its like every time we go in they have some kind of attitude for absolutely no reason. I myself am never even rude to them but get the rudest responses anyways. I absolutely hate coming to this place and avoid it at basically all costs. Would much rather go to the UPS store to send anything off or even receive anything.

Greg R
Worst experience I have ever had at a USPS. Came in to check the price on a package and the tall grey haired man was rude right off the bat, stating I needed a lable. I repeated I was only checking a price to ship and he was still very rude. I said “no wonder this location has a 2.3 star review” and he said “Screw you” twice as I was walking out the door.

Kristen Kelly
Typical government run organization. They can have a line out the door and will not call any help to move the line faster, even when there is only one person working. These folks obviously get paid by the hour. Friendly enough, but we’re clearly on their time, which they apparently have plenty of.

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