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Post office Springfield MO 65801 Phone Number Reviews

Post office Springfield MO 65801 Phone Number Reviews

Kristi Patterson
I planned ahead made an appointment and filled out my paperwork online to get my passport. The person who helped me out was extremely rude and very disrespectful to me as a person. He told me how my name sounded bogus. He made threats at me when I made a mistake and told me he didn’t have time for me. Along with other comments. I’m looking to get a report to someone overhead of him because No one deserves to be treated in that matter.

Usps in Springfield, Missouri Maps

Address: 500 W Chestnut Expy, Springfield, MO 65801, United States


Thursday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Friday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Saturday 9AM–2PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 7:30AM–5:30PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–5:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Springfield MO 65801 Reviews

D. Thompson
Yes, always a line. However, this isn’t the fault of the employees. The employees are friendly and helpful.

Kaylene Ripko
You said my lot number was unoccupied, when that wasn’t the case! I have not gotten any mail in 2 + weeks!!! Not satisfied with your service lately!!

Thomas Miller
Sent a package priority mail overseas, was supposed to take 10-14 days. Package lost at Springfield office, filed a lost claim. Package arrived 3 months later. Then Post office notified me they were still looking for the package.

Samantha Steed
To the employee who saved our two-year-old from having a potty accident, THANK YOU! There are truly some amazing people in this world.

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